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Abstract and Reflection

This project was a significant part of the curriculum and it was made critical the each group member understood the importance of this project from the get go. Everyone was on board when formulating our proposal however we did have a few challenges before our proposal got approved. Together we decided on the article for our project, and have worked with overlapping duties to maintain project deadlines for the final oral presentation. We were all aware that mice are used in many experiments and believed this would be a good contribution to future genetic classes and would provide us with a better understanding. This was actually a great model system that we chose because as the semester continued and we got more in depth in our Genetics lecture, the scientific terms used in the article were starting to look more and more familiar. The article begins by talking about haploid male species such as ants and honeybees, which was great since we just covered this in class. The articles main focus was on embryonic stem cells in haploid mice and how they are used in genetic screening. The article then continues on the procedure used to derive the haploid embryonic cells such extracting conserved DNA after it was stained. Various Karyotyping techniques were also used to show chromosomes corresponding to haploid mice. It also talks about how it has been difficult to detect the stem cells in past studies due to gene regulation, dosage compensation and genomic imprinting. Finally the reasons they were able to acquire these embryonic stem cells was due to the regulation of the X-inactivation. Researchers think that this technology and procedure could also be…