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A. MLK did not go on the Freedom Ride because he thought he was going to get arrested and he was on probation. Most people thought he was being a wuss. He believed the riders were hurting the actual movement. The governor of Alabama did not have one care in the world about creating segregation laws. Even the police departments did not do anything to prevent segregation. And I could not believe how many white people was part of the KKK and how unconstitutional it was. B. C. Was racism this serious in all states like it was in Alabama, Missouri, and Georgia? D. How come they didn’t mention Rosa Parks giving up her seat in a bus? They only mentioned Irene Morgon and how she got the media involved and court.

1. Jim Crow laws impacted daily life in the south tremendously. “Jim Crow” represented a formal, codified system of apartheid that conquered the American South. The laws affected just about every aspect of everyday life, mandating segregation of schools, parks, libraries, drinking fountains, restaurants, restrooms, buses, and trains. Signs were at every corner reading “Whites Only” or “Colored”. 2. C.O.R.E planned to take a “Journey of Reconciliation” throughout the south to test the Supreme Court’s ruling. The upper southern states reacted very negatively toward the fact that segregation was being put up to a challenge. Some members of the C.O.R.E were arrested. J F Kennedy brought hope that things were going to change. Again testing Kennedy commitment, they planned…