Bush V. gore Essay

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Summary :
The presidential election of 2000 U.S. Vice President Al Gore against Governor George W. Bush . As results were counted, it was clear that the vote would be very close, so the results in the state of Florida decide the election. Bush was confirmed the victor by just a not many hundred votes. However, reports of widespread problems with ballots soon called the results and doubted it. Gore’s supporters sued the state of Florida for a recount. Bush's supporters sued to put a stop to it. Florida's election laws set an inflexible deadline for announcing the final results, so the recount had to start faster when the Florida Supreme Court decided in favor of Gore, and ordered the recount to be completed, Bush appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Facts : on December 8, 2000 the Florida Supreme Court ordered that the Circuit Court in Leon County tabulate by hand 9000 contested ballots from Miami-Dade County. it also ordered that every county in Florida must instantly begin manually recounting all were so called "undervotes" . governor Bush and Richard Cheney, Republican candidates for president and vice president, filed an emergency application for a stay for this mandate. The U.S. Supreme Court granted review and issued the stay on December 9. It heard oral argument two days later.
The holding: Do manual recounts violate the Equal Protection and Process Clauses of the Constitution?
Conclusion: the Florida Court's recount proposal despoiled the Equal…