Casino Management System Essay

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Management Theory and Practice

A Casino functions on a well thought-out organizational structure.
Given the nature of the casino business, and because of the large amount of money that circulates on the casino floor daily, a casino typically has numerous management positions overseen every department.
While preparing this assignment I had the opportunity to speak with the General Manager of the casino I work for, and I must say I have always admire “Bruce Howard” for the support that he provides all of his employees. All employees get to interact with him as he takes a daily tour of the casino before his day begins. While doing this he interacts with employees, and what I find most remarkable is the he remembers names not only of his employees, but the names of our family members. Bruce is at the top of the organization pyramid in the casino.
Reporting directly to Bruce our General Manager are the Vice Presidents which are responsible for specific areas of operations. Vice presidents in charge of departments such as Finance, Human Resources, and Operations are expected to guide all team members through the daily tasks.
The Vice President for the Finance Department is responsible for managing all the financial casino responsibilities, Supervise the Accounting Department, The Purchasing Department, The Cage/Cashier, Collections, and Credit Departments. The Human Resources Vice President is responsible for all aspects of employee relations such as all levels of state and Federal laws, Health Insurance, Compensation of all employees, create positive employee activities such as Golfing, Bowling, and other positive activities outside the casino with the purpose of all employees to interact and become familiar with one another. These activities are also created to advertise the company’s friendly expectation, and core values.
The Vice President for the Operations Department is responsible for all casino operations which also include Slots Machines, and Table Games. The Vice President of operations has a major responsibility which is compliance with gaming regulations on State and Federal law.
Each Vice President has a Director to assist and help with a more direct approach with Mangers and team members. For example the Vice President for my department is in charge of the transportation department which makes sure all groups that come via bus tours are scheduled throughout the day, The Security Department which is in charge of maintaining order on property and handles all medical issues as they are also trained Emergency Technicians, PBX which is the department that handles all incoming phone calls to the casino, and my department The Players Club which is where all guests come as soon as they step into the casino to redeem rewards. The Director helps the Vice President run these departments and has the ability to make decisions without having to consult the Vice President first. Department Managers, Assistant Managers, and Supervisor report to the Director unless there is a situation where the Vice President might be needed.
Mangers are in charge of a specific department and are responsible for Assistant Managers, Supervisors, and team members for that specific department. The Manger for my department is in charge of hiring, training, scheduling, report to upper management of the progress of his department quarterly, and other necessary tasks needed for his department to be successful. It is important for any organization of any kind to have in place organizational structure and by doing so it is away for all employees of the organization to work together successfully. The casino I work for is not affiliated with any other casino in the area, and even though our competition is big casinos such a Harrah’s we do not worry about not having people visit our casino.…