Cell and Things Essay

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The seven processes of life:
1. Respiration, all living things obtain obtain energy from their food.
2. Nutrition, all living things obtain food and need food.
3. Excretion, all living things rid themselves from waste materials.
4. Growth, is a function of living things all things grow.
5. Sensitivity, all living things respond to their environment and need sensitivity to do that.
6. Movement, all living things move, this is an important part in life.
7. Reproduction, all living things get old and die, replacements are made from offspring. Acellular this means made up of one cell
Cell the basic building block of living things
Multicellular means made of more than one cell
Organ a group of tissues working together
Organ system a group of organs working together
Tissue a group of similar cells grouped together

What are cells?
Cells are building blocks of living things, they obtain food, they create new chemical reactions,reproduce to make cells, and keep themselves safe from foreign substances. Cells come in different shapes and sizes, all have basically the same jobs but in different places.
Animal cells:
An animal cell is made up of a cytoplasm, nucleus and a cell wall.
The cytoplasm is the liquid part of the cell, chemical reactions take place here, the cytoplasm can break down molecules to release energy. As well they can join small molecules together to make larger ones. In the human body the cytoplasm breaks down the food you eat and builds protein for the muscles.
The nucleus is the cells main part it is the control centre. The nucleus contains genetic material…