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Cellsbury High School: A Very SucCELLsful School!
By: Gina Golgi

After a recent visit to local Cellsbury High School, it is easy to see why the school is deemed one of the most successful in the tri-state area. The school has a very friendly atmosphere, has a high population of students, and runs very smoothly. The success of this school is very much due to three excellent parts of the school, its office, cafeteria, and mailbox system.
The office at Cellsbury High School office is a key player in the school’s success. All of the activities taking place in the school, from sports to new students, are directed here. This allows all of the staff members of the school to be able to carry out their jobs without issue, thus resulting in all the operations of the school running very smoothly. The office also contains important documents for the school, such as the student’s health files, the teacher’s resumes, and any building warrants.
The cafeteria is also a very important part of the school. The school’s cafeteria food is what energizes students and staff members for the entire day! Cellsbury High School’s cafeteria makes all of the food that they serve the students and staff from scratch. Not only is this more environmentally friendly, it is also much healthier. They even offer vegetarian options, such as a salad and yogurt bar. As one student, Rita Ribo claims, “The food at Cellsbury is delicious! I love how it’s home made!” At the end of each week, the school donates leftover food to local shelters for those in need of food or those who do not have the ability to make their own food.
The mailbox system at Cellsbury High School is also very important.…