Cell Cycle Essay

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Cell Cycle Story Assignment

By: Maria Galarza - Rojas
Period: 1
G1 Phase This is Blob. It is a human cell that is going through the cell cycle. Right now it is beginning mitosis and is in the G1 phase. At this point Bob is synthesizing its structural proteins and enzymes to perform its functions.


S Phase Now Bob is in the S phase. Its DNA is being duplicated. Bob is going to wait for a long time. It usually takes 10 hours for all of the information to duplicate. All of the chromosomes are being copied. Bob will then end up with 92 chromosomes inside of it


G2 The proteins are fixing themselves to form fibers known as spindle. The spindle fibers will be very useful during the chromosome movement ahead. The spindle fibers are formed at the beginning of this process and vanish by the end of it. These spindle fibers are formed of microtubules.

Visible threads are forming inside of Bob. At his point there are two copies of all of the chromosomes inside of Bob. Each chromosome is called a chromatid. The chromatids will join at the centromere inside of Bob. The chromatids will become visible in its pairs. The spindle fibers are beginning to form.


Metaphase Pairs of chromatids are lining up on the equatorial plate inside of Bob. The equatorial plate is also known as the metaphase plate. The pairs are connected at the centromere where the spindle fibers where attached. Two chromatids become completely separate from one another.

Anaphase Bob is feeling a lot of movement inside of him. The chromatids are…