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“A Doll’s House” Book Report “A Doll’s House” is a play that show the different transitions and situations that the characters go through. Their reactions to various situations reveal to the reader a great deal about their character. Henik Ibsen uses numerous examples of characterization throughout the play. Because of Ibsen’s unique way of showing how Nora and Hemler’s characters are revealed, “A Doll’s House” is a wonderful piece of literature to be used to study characterization. Ibsen characterizes Nora as a childlike, immature housewife who wants freedom from her “doll” life, and to have her own independence in a world dominated by men. Nora feels that she went from being her Papa’s “doll child” to being her husband’s “doll wife.” Ibsen’s characterization of Nora shows her evolving from this immature female into the role of a selfless woman, going against the normal standards of a late 1800’s marriage. Helmer is characterized as a self-absorbed, prideful, controlling, narrow-minded -the typical- husband in the late 1800’s. Ibsen demonstrates this numerous times like when Helmer tells Nora “you are ill, Nora; you are delirious” , and when Helmer finds out about what Nora did, he is concerned with his own pride. “Now you have destroyed all my happiness. You have ruined all my future… I must sink to such miserable depths because of a thoughtless woman… I may be falsely suspected of having been a party to your criminal action. Very likely people will think I was…