Essay Frankenstein: Aesthetics and Memory Box

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Memory Box: Frankenstein
When thinking about what text to use for this assignment, Mary Shelly’s classic novel Frankenstein seemed to be the obvious choice because I found a lot of meaning through its versatility and its ability to relate to a worldwide audience. Frankenstein has been one of the most valuable pieces of literature I have ever read because it expresses several different themes about life- such as the dangers of knowledge, sublime nature, and monstrosity- in just one book. I chose to use a memory box to interpret the novel mainly because one of the many themes in the book was the importance of aesthetics in society, so what better way to represent Frankenstein than physically? The objects I used to symbolize the novel were the box itself, a mirror, fire, and the Bible.
I used the memory box as a symbol for the Monster because it shows the complexity of his character. As I had said before, the importance of external beauty is incredibly important throughout the novel because it’s how the majority of the characters get accepted into society. All the Monster has ever wanted was acceptance, but his main source of conflict is his grotesque appearance, which sends anyone he ever comes in contact with running away in fear and disgust. I painted the box to represent the Monster’s true appearance; the outside is dark and ugly, but the inside is colorful and bright. Although the Monster is not aesthetically pleasing, he has a brilliant mind capable of excelling far…