Essay on Gun Control

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Gun Control

The topic of gun control is a hot and touchy subject right now in the United States. Most people believe that the government is trying to do away with their 2nd Amendment. The government has proposed quite a few executive actions such as providing mental services to schools, restoring a 10- round limit on ammunition magazines and eliminating armor – piercing bullets. These actions will take place immediately. I don’t see how providing mental services to a school will help. Most schools already have Guidance Counselors that are required by law to report any type so suspicious behaviors. To be a G.C they are required to hold a Bachelors degree and some schools even require a Masters degree. So is the government stating these counselors that are already in our children’s schools aren’t psychologically able to determine a child with a mental issue? I do believe so. Another issue was taking away semi automatic rounds with higher then ten rounds and only limiting the rounds in a magazine to be no higher then ten. I do believe this limit on magazines is a good idea. Who really needs more then that? No ordinary everyday person doesn’t need a high velocity round clips. We don’t live in a hostel country where our lives are in danger daily. There’s no Malishas, Taliban’s or other hostile groups imposing on our daily lives. I haven’t ever heard of a hunting story that stated that the hunter needed to unload a hundred rounds just to take a deer down along with using…