Gun Control Essay

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Cory Williams
Sept 11, 2012
Freshman Comp I
Prof. Luse Afraid Young Men Males in today society are much shyer to talking to the opposite’s sex than ever before. They still have the same urges for the opposite sex, but they never know how to properly get to know how to approach an attractive young lady. Because they don’t know how to properly get to know a female they like it is hard to get to know them for who they are for most young men. As I examine more guys in early teenage and guys in their early thirties, they really don’t know how to approach a girl that they admire. So I took the opportunity to write about this topic. And notify a huge concern for younger males have in this society today. Approaching a female you find attractive is a skill that can be learned just like Biology, Trigonometry, or just everyday life situation. My theory goes back to the beginning of elementary school with boys saying that the young girls’ children having cottas. We all know that’s not true about all girls. My solution for men to get over these fears are in Three easy steps by recognizing that they have a problem, Opening up to change, and getting over their fear of pursuing a girl that they have a crush on. First, Young males should realize that there is a problem. Most male in or society are drawn to the fact that they were born males and don’t have a problems with talking to women. Because of the fact that they have this attitude, they will not truly be capable of overcoming this dilemma that’s hurting males in there early state of their young adulthood lives. Guys are at the prime of their ages and should have learned this skill at an early age. So basically, there is problem and it’s very important at this state in their young lives to fix it. Next, after they realize that there is an issue, they need to be open to change this behavior. By going into your bathroom and talking to yourself in the mirror can help you learn to talk to a physical body. If you’re a type of person that may think that it’s bazaar because you think talking to yourself won’t do no justice. You can also use a different route and practice on your sister or mother. Also, having a female prospective on how to change can be a very helpful solution to improve this weak ability.…