Harley Essay

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1. Explain how Talon helps Harley Davidson employees improve their decision making capabilities. Talon is a very successful ERP system. It integrates information from every Harley-Davidson store and performs routine tasks. The former allows employees to focus on customer satisfaction because critical, detailed information is available, thus saving time because the information is already available which facilitates a customer oriented environment that builds strong relationships and customer loyalty. The latter allows for more saved time and money, once again freeing up employees to be dedicated to strategic goals, plans, and the five core values, especially value five (encourage intellectual curiosity). With all of this free time and the …show more content…
They could even offer competition among entered designs or offer a limited edition bike that many of the members have created. With Harley Davidson’s great CRM strategy they will be keeping their members happy for a long time.
6. How could Harley Davidson’s SCM system, Manugistics, improve its business operations? Harley Davidson SCM system allows them to do business with their suppliers in a web based environment. This will help manage the flow of materials and improve activities with their key suppliers. Harley Davidson needs to make sure that their new system fulfills all the SCM components. Besides focusing on placing orders and ordering and receiving supplies from its suppliers, Harley Davidson also needs to focus on the delivery and return of their finished product. Focusing on delivery is called logistics. Harley Davidson can focus on delivering orders to customers with the finished product it has received from its many suppliers. Another area that many companies may not focus on is return. Harley Davidson needs to track the reason for returns or problems with delivers or certain products. Fulfilling all the components of the supply chain will help Manugistics create great SCM for Harley Davidson.
7. Provide a potential illustration of Harley-Davidson’s SCM system including all upstream and down stream participants.
Supply Chain Management is a huge factor in Harley-Davidson’s success. In order for SCM