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Samantha Michel
Biology Honors
31 January 2015
Title: Hidden Cell Types Revealed
Date of Article: January 20, 2015 This article is about how scientist found new technology to bring order to cells. This technology also gives the scientist better understanding of how genes are used differently in healthy tissue and in cancers. It provides information of the genes in hundreds of cells in one simple experiment. This technology shows a exact picture of the cell types, but with single-cells set of all RNA molecules (transciptome) makes it very hard to understand that information. Scientists are working on that, but the technology or idea of the technology is very intriguing. This article is very important because the understandings of single- cell types are absolutely necessary for medical research, which is a great impact for the world. Currently when scientist use single-cell genomics, they group cells from tissues and put them in different types based of the expression and turn them into subtypes that might have a range of working roles in the cell. For example; some cells are older then others and others younger then some. These cells will be at different stages of the cell cycle and due to this new technology, scientists are able to get a better image to see the cells that would usually go undetected. “Combining single-cell analyses with statistical methods lets us identify cell types that would otherwise remain undetected." is how Florian Büttner explains it; which is perfect for people who might have cancer or any other hidden disease. There are some instances that the doctors might not see a certain cell in time, to get rid of it, so this technology is great for detecting cells before its too late. I…