Justification Of Task Title Essay

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Justification of task title

I have chosen to study social skills as I feel this is most suitable for my child’s age group. Phoebe has recently started nursery which will help her to socialise with other children her own age which is 2 rather than spending her times with adults.

I have many reasons why I decided to choose social skills. My first reason is that I feel Phoebe is well suited for my chosen theme as she is at the age where she is starting to further develop her communication skills. Learning how to properly eat her food and learning how to undress and dress herself. Phoebe has recently gotten out of nappies and is doing successfully well with using a toilet, this will help her to improve her personal hygiene be learning to wash her hands after and to always remember to flush.

As social skills are such a broad subject, there is a variety of stages involving it. This would make it more enjoyable for me to study also it will be enjoyable for the reader and for Phoebe as she will be able to enjoy herself during the range activities I provide that will contribute to her social skills. I feel I can work better with this theme rather than the other themes as I feel I wouldn’t enjoy doing the themes such as Physical Development or Intellectual Development because I find Phoebe would be hard to use for these themes as she is a very energetic child so it would be difficult to try and get her to read a book.

I considered choosing creative play as my task title as this also interested me as well. I felt Phoebe would also be suited to this as she is a very active two years old. However I feel that social skills already covers creative play plus part of intellectual development such as communication so my observations will show more of an understanding…