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A City Of Boredom

It’s great to be in a state that has such a reputation of having the greatest time of your life. Louisiana is known for its: Food, Music, and Culture. Which brings a lot of activities like: Mardi gras, Bayou Bowl, and other things. These theme are usually and always held down south in New Orleans. But what do you do when you’re from a city that 6 hours away and doesn’t have a lot to offer? Monroe, Louisiana which is home to The University of Louisiana Monroe is a great city with a lot of potential.
The Problem is that college students and even Monroe’s people have nowhere to really go to have fun. Besides the mall, what really is there left to go to have a good time? College student would really like to have places to go on the weekend or after school besides their dorm room, or even having to drive hours away just to have a good time. As a fellow student here I would love to having places that would relieve the common college stress, as well as just having a place escape from the world. There are so many open areas in Monroe that have great potential to become something family friendly and fun for the college students to come to. I believe if we can have at least one or two things here it can really change how people think of this city. I know money is tight and it sounds easier than actually doing it. But if the effort was put in by not only the students but the city itself. Then we can do and accomplish a lot. There are a lot of self-own companies that would love to benefit from this.
The Solution I believe can resolve this problem, is adding either and amusement park or something of that nature. Just a place where we can go to have fun, have a great time. Now I know that we get the circus here and the fair comes into town every so often but to have a place of our very own would be really good for the city. And Monroe would prosper from this money wise as well as an attraction to people who drive through Monroe to get to other cities. This type of attraction will also give college students jobs and opportunities and build leadership and other characteristics that will be used in the outside world. Give us a place where trouble will be minimized and stress of college life can be gone and where we can build friendships and have times that we will always remember. Louisiana doesn’t have a Six Flags or anything like that. I believe if we could have something like that to have in the city, Monroe would be in a whole other ball game. Now Six Flags usually is put into major cities such as: Atlanta, and Monroe really isn’t on that scale of a city, but this could be a good start to something big. I think the school should do a survey on what could make living in…