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Global Business Culture Analysis: South Korea

My research is being done on the nation of South Korea. I selected this nation because I would like to learn how this country has changed over the last fifteen years. I have spoken with several military personnel and they informed me of the way it has changed, especially in the area of life style. I expect to learn about the different religions and ethnic groups in South Korea. Research shows that in 2007 there were primarily two ethnic groups in Korea. They are Koreans, 99 percent and Chinese, 1 percent (Country, 2008, p.2). The religious groups are from primarily four groups: Christianity, 49 percent; Buddhism, 47 percent; Confucianism, 3 percent; and Shamanist, Chondogyo, other, 1 percent (p. 2). During this research project, I would like to learn about the different beliefs of these religions and how they affect/impact their culture. Another interesting dimension I would like to know more about is their values and attitudes, especially in regards to women. I am interested in learning how the women in third world countries deal with and handle discrimination in the workplace. This is in reference to sexual harassment and lower wages. When it comes to communication, I would like to know where Koreans are in technology compared to the United States and also what products and/or services we trade with each other. Another factor that interests me is nonverbal and verbal communication in Korea. According…