Essay on Nonfiction: Cell and Calcium Ions

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Dear Cell Inc., Hello we are the Endoplasmic Reticulum. The Endoplasmic Reticulum does many things for Cell Inc. There are two different sections of E.R., the smooth E.R., and the rough E.R., each of them have different purposes. The smooth ER has Enzymes that help synthesize lipids, oils, phospholipids, and steroids. Its Enzymes also help digest food. There is a lot of smooth ER in the live because its Enzymes filter out the harmful toxins out of alcohol and other dangerous substances. The smooth ER also stores calcium ions that muscles use when they need to contract. Rough ER produces membrane. Rough ER turns ribosomes into proteins and then send the proteins to the Golgi apparatus packaging. The ER is extremely important to the survival of Cell Inc. Without membrane there would be nothing that organelles could move around in and they will be stuck in one place and then the cell would collapse. Also, if harmful toxins were not filtered out before they entered the blood stream then Cell Inc. would become intoxicated and die. Also without fats from Smooth ER cells would become filled with water and explode, also, without calcium ions from Smooth ER muscles would no longer be able to work. With just ribosomes and not proteins the cell will have no energy and will die but, when the Rough ER converts the Ribosomes into proteins the cell will have energy again. We cannot survive without Cell Inc. because the Nucleus is needed to produce Ribosomes. If there were any changes…