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This assignment will underline three key skills learnt during clinical practice; weight monitoring, blood pressure and bed baths. Reflection is a key aspect within nursing. It allows the individual to look back on previous events and analyse the positives and negatives which occurred in a particular situation. Reflection is used to encourage the development in learning and gaining a more in depth understanding in practice (Beener et al.1996).There are many reflective models available including Gibbs (1988). Gibbs(1988) reflective cycle will be used as the framework upon which these three skills to be reflected as this cycle requires a description of the event, the feelings experienced at the time and evaluation of the account which is followed by an analysis, conclusion and action plan. I will discuss how the skills were attained, and any future learning development needs I may need, backed up by literature and research available. In line with NMC (2008) confidentiality requirement, clients will be referred as A, B or C where appropriate.

During my second week of placement I was asked by my mentor to carry out a weight observation on a six week old baby. Prior to this I had observed my mentor perform this clinical procedure a number of times while I assisted her. However on this occasion I was able to complete this skill by myself with the supervision of my mentor. Firstly I greeted the parents of baby A and advised them to undress him as I calculated his age and set up the equipment needed, I cleaned the weighing scale using disinfectant wipes and placed a paper towel on the surface to prevent baby A from feeling cold. I then switched on the weighing scales and called the parents over with baby A. I laid baby A gently on to the scales and noted down the measurements which appeared on the scale screen. I plotted the measurements on to the graph chart and at the same time informed the parents of the results. Finally I removed the paper towels and once again used disinfectant wipes to wipe the scale surface.

Due to the fact that I had never completed a weight observation without the aid of my mentor I felt extremely anxious and uneasy, these feelings were made greater as I became more aware of being judged; not only by my mentor but also by the parents of baby A. I felt the pressure more as there were other parents waiting to be seen and taking up too much time may delay. In spite of these, I preserved and completed the task.
There were several positive and negative aspects experienced throughout the procedure. I was able to wash my hands thoroughly before coming into contact with baby A. Mallik et al (2004) states that, hand washing is the most efficient method in the prevention of infection and lessens the spread of micro-organisms. This is supported by Pirie (2010) who explains that micro-organisms are easily removed through the process of hand washing. Before I carried out the procedure I was able to gain consent from baby A’s parents. Dougherty(2004) points out that obtaining consent is a basic but vital clinical activity in patient care, every patient is entitled the right to decide what happens to their bodies therefore, gaining consent at all times demonstrates good practice. This is backed up by Department of Health (2004), agrees that each and every adult has the ability to give consent. This also includes adults with academic disabilities unless proved otherwise through the test of incapacity. I made sure that all my measurements and notes were accurately written to ensure that the correct care would be provided to baby A. Griffith (2004) stresses that all documentation must be completed truthfully and in clear professional handwriting as it is an essential part in high-quality patient care allowing other health professionals to communicate information on the clients previous and current health care history.

Nevertheless there were areas in the account were I felt I…