Paper: Demographics Make Great Influence

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Demographics make great influence

Demography is one of the most powerful, and useful tool to help people understand the past, and forecast the future. Demographics affect every one of us. The statistic data of population can show the issue of an event clearly. The movie, Titanic, which was shown in 1997, is a great example. It made an extraordinary success. One of the reason is the dramatic plot; the other one, which is much more effective, is the perfect time to show on the screen. Millions of the boomers became teenagers at that time, they were the main audience of the movie; Also, a large number of female members of this important population cohort were smitten with DiCaprio's charm, which made them line up 30 times or more to see Titanic. Under this great successful movie, another one, Primary Color, which was expected to be the brilliant one, failed to attract much of an audience and soon slipped from view, just because of the wrong time showing. There are lots of examples that show us the importance of demographics. Such as the rising sales of both cheap beer and expensive wine because of the expanding population of both 50-year-olds and 20-year-olds in Canada, and the sharp drop in birth after the world's biggest baby boom resulted in a baby bust. These events shows the great influence of population, especially the unique population age structure of Canada which makes a big difference from the world-wide population age structure, the result of demographics could be quite discriminating. Another example, tennis was booming in Canada in 1985, all the tennis club was crowded. But soon in 1990, participation in tennis was down substantially. It was not only predictable, but also inevitable to anyone who understood demographics. The aging Canadian population means that the average age of Canadians is increasing. People who are getting old don't play tennis as much as younger people. The study of human populations, demographic, foretell the future exactly. Demographics are much more powerful and effective than our imagines. Two-thirds of everything can also be explained by demographics. They tell us which products will be in demand in five years, which drugs will be popular, which sorts of crimes will increase, and predict school enrollments many years in advance. The more decision-makers understand demographics, the better place to live will Canada be. The more smoothly and efficiently ways can help us a lot. They are about everyone, too. They tell you who you are, where you have been, and where you are going. For instance, it is much more lucky to be born in 1937, because few people were born in canada at that time. You would be much easier to be successful, for there were not too many people competing with you. On the other hand, perhaps you had the misfortune to be born in1961. You are one of the late boomers, Generation X. The older boomers had occupied most of the best jobs, and pushed the price of real estate up. And your parents, who were born in 1937 may not understand how tough that struggle has been. You need to understand that some of setback probably relate more to demographics than other personal failings. The more knowledge you have about those demographic realities, the better prepared you are, and find a way to turn them to your own advantage. Demographics also play an important role in the economic and social life of our country, and…