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Straight off the bat, we decided that we were only going to be making stop signs; we decided that it would be easier to stick to one shape and an [easier] design though less money would be generated from handing them in. After this decision, we assigned jobs for each person in the group to complete so that there would be no idle time or someone left out not doing anything. The job layout went as follows; * Cynthia: Make a prototype of the octagon for the stop sign, and also trace stop signs to hand off for cutting. Cynthia would also use a red pen and measure an inch up from the octagon to help Paul with where to tape the pole * Josh: Measure and cut squares 2’’x2’’ to make it easier for Cynthia to trace the octagon, and then he would also help cut out the ‘poles’ for the stop sign * Nikita: Measure and draw out ‘poles’ for the stop sign (1/2’’x6’’) to hand off to someone to cut, as well as quality control at the end. Nikita would also write STOP on the octagons in the end * Lennox: Cut stop signs one Josh cut out the squares and Cynthia would trace her prototype onto them * Paul: Cut ‘poles’ and tape the poles and the stop signs together * Mohammed: Cut sticks and help with quality control
We were then going to decide how many pieces of construction paper we should order – we found that with one purchase of brown paper and two purchases of red paper would allow us to produce 12 stop signs and a profit of only $12,000 (with no defects). We then thought that we could produce more so with two sheets of brown paper and three sheets of red paper we could make 36 stop signs and even with a prediction of six or so defects we would have made up to 22,000 plus! So we definitely decided on more paper making more a profit.
We designed our seats so that we could efficiently get the most done; this is what we looked like:
Taping together stop signs and poles and quality control after
Cutting out sticks and [later] quality control
Measuring sticks and [later] quality control
Cutting stop signs