Reputations: Make it or Break it Essay

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Reputations: Make it or Break it Personal reputation is a main factor of the plot in the story Much Ado about Nothing. It is the center of the plot when Hero is accused of cheating on Claudio before their wedding. Hero even faints from the distress of all the accusations during the wedding. In this time period, the standards of a woman were if a man accused a woman for anything, most people would automatically believe it to be true without a second thought. Having a reputation is a way to define yourself and others. A reputation consists of how a person acts, what they have done, and what they could do. While reputation is based on a person’s consecutive actions, it is also mainly focused on big things that the person has done; good or bad. Usually if you do activities like community service and helping old people across the street then you will most likely have a positive reputation. But if your favorite hobby is bullying and breaking the law then most likely you have what’s called a bad reputation. Today, reputations are placed on what the person has done in their lifetime. They mostly involve a person’s online reputation. People are viewed on what they post or say on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These actions will be judged by people that they might not even know personally. For example, a student once posted a racist message on Facebook and administrators got involved. The posts not only ruined the reputation of the student but, also effected the reputation of the school (sgrouples). You can still have a regular reputation that is important to your character. Now, there is still a double standard between men and women. For instance, if a man were to get many girls he would be praised, but if a woman got many men then she would be referred to someone who is promiscuous or has low morals. Like the story of Amanda Todd, she made a mistake and sent someone pictures and when she didn’t want to go further the perpetrator posted them for family…