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Stem Cell Research is it the Right Choice?
Beth Ray
Fredrick Cope

Stem Cell Research is it the Right Choice?

Stem Cell Replacement is thought to save and improve lives. The ideal is to prevent and cure diseases like Parkinson’s, dementia, Lou Gehrig disease, spinal cord injury and so much more. The argument has been is stem cell replacement an abomination or could it be a miracle cure of a multitude of disease. The process of splitting cells is done by electric stimulation. The DNA has been separated the donor can use their DNA to make multiple cells. The Catholic Church does not believe in stem cell research the fear is a human life is getting destroyed. There are pros and cons to stem cell research and you have to decide are you for it or against it. Federal government was funding stem cell research, which may affect your taxes.
Stem cell replacement is the futurist medicine. Instead of going to the doctor for a prescription to treat an illness stem cell replacement will be the procedure that will replace drugs. The theory behind stem cell research is to cure almost any illness not just the ones mentioned in the previous in the introduction paragraph but all diseases and illness, and theoretically all types of cancer. Right now the evidence for embryonic research has no merit except it has caused cancer in some animals, but adult stem cells have shown great promise and effectiveness by 20 to 30 percent in patience with The Church supports this research because it does not involve the embryo and any type of alterations. “The church also feels even though we "can" do something in science doesn't mean we "ought" on to it.”
The way this process is done “the nucleus of one of your cells is placed into a donor egg whose own nucleus has been removed,” then an electrical stimulation causes the nucleus to divide “creating new cells which will then be placed into a tissue culture.” (Ron Reagan Delivery) How this process helps the individual is it contains only your DNA that will multiply in the embryonic stem cells which will decrease rejection in the transferal of the cells. Your personal cells that have been cultivated can be used for Parkinson’s and other illnesses or even injuries theoretically. The whole idea of using your own embryonic cells is to cure and heal your body naturally without complications. One thing to remember is that there is no fetus particles’ involved. The cells do not generate feelings, thoughts or emotions.
The financial side of the research is paid by the federal government. If you would like to be a candidate a small fee is required and this is paid in one lump sum of $3500 and then $325 a year for the core blood and stem cell. My Aunt pays for this service because my niece has hypoxic brain injury. My niece cannot hear, speak, see or roll over. She has a trek and a feeding tube. She has to have 24 hour care seven days a week to survive. In order for her to be a recipient they wanted to treat her with chemo first instead of adding the new cells. They wanted to kill all the cells before starting treatment, and my aunt did not feel this was the best way to go. Considering all the trauma this child has went through is was not worth pain and suffering to try something experimental.
Boston Medical Hospital is doing all kinds of miraculous things to make the quality of life for the children more…