Retail Max Essay

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Retail Max Paper
Pamela White
Grand Canyon University: LDR-610
March 20, 2013

RetailMax: Role for Cam Archer Regan Kessel
The two major players in this case are Cam Archer and Regen Kessel. Cam Archer is a young and upcoming MBA who is working on an interim assignment as an account executive. She has great potential and is an asset to the company. Regan Kessel is the new Vice President of Product Management and Marketing. He has offered Cam a Marketing Director position in the Marketing Department. Archer has a difficult decision that needs to be made today. She needs to decide between her dream job as Director of Marketing in the Marketing Department with Regen Kessel, or accept a position in the Product Services division
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The position will let her use her skills and education and still have a good view of the customers, competitors and industry.
Effect of Power
Archer has the drive and brings in a fresh look in the position. She would bring great ideas as well as a good reputation with clients. However, managers have only received cost of living raises in the past two years. There may be resentment towards Archer.
Positive Effects
Hiring an outside applicant will allow Kessel to save some money. Since he received an increase in his budget, money that is left over after the Marketing Director’s salary could be used to benefit the department. A support person could be hired and management would receive rewards for a job well done. This would increase job satisfaction and maintain equity.
If Kessel wants to keep his management staff happy, he should offer Archer the max of the market range which is $130,000. Since his budge was recently increased to $200,000, he will still have money left to hire a support person and give managers rewards.
Archer needs to decide what is best for her/. She has been traveling a lot and has learned some skills that are valuable. She has also made good money. She has made some close contacts which will prove useful in the marketing position. She wants to turn her focus to her long term career and this move will be a step in the right direction.
Effective use of Social Power