Essay on Science: Bacteria and Prokaryotic Cells

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Different types of structures and organelles found in Eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells.
|What’s in eukaryotic cells? organelles |What are they used for? |
|Mitochondria |This breaks down food to make energy. |
|Nucleus |This is the brains of the cell. The nucleus tells the brain what to do and |
| |contains chromosomes that are made of DNA. |
|Endoplasmic reticulum |This transports all things like protein around the cell and sometimes out of the |
| |cell. |
|Ribsomes |This is a small cell where proteins are made from amino acids. |
|chloroplast |Found in plants and algae cells where photosynthesis happens. |
|Vacole |This is a large structure found in plant cells that stores water and other |
| |liquids. |
|Cell membrane |This is a barrier between the inside of the cell and the cells environment. |
|Cytoplasm |To hold the structure of the cell and to make sure that it can move freely. |
|Cell wall |This is so that the cell membrane has strength and support. |
|Chloroplast |Uses photosynthesis to create energy. |
|Golgi bodies |These are Saclike structures used for storing and packaging substances made by the|
| |cell that will be transported out of the cell. |
|Lysosomes |These destroy and get rid of all the unwanted stuff inside the cell. |


|What’s in prokaryotic cells? organelles |What are they used for? |
|Nucleoid |This is in the centre of the cell where the DNA is. The nucleoid is just |
| |‘imitating the nucleus’. |
|Flagellum | |
|Cell wall |This is just to support the cell. |
|Cell membrane |This is a Phospholipids layer that is a barrier between the inside of the |
| |cell and the cells environment. |
|Ribsomes |Theses make protein by following instructions from the messenger RNA.…