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alarick Cell Phones & Science April 25, 2013

Explanation of Entry Selection

Our entry was chosen because we originally wanted to do Star Wars but it was already chosen. So we improvised and chose the number one thing that teenagers use in their lives everyday which is cell phones. We are constantly being reminded about the dangers of cell phone overuse and it potential effects on our health. That’s why we’ve chosen to delve deeper into this scientific research about the overexposure to cells phone and the evolution of the technology.
Our project relates to the theme because when you’re talking to somebody on your cell phone it uses radio waves to send your voice to a special tower that picks up the signal. Radio waves use a kind of radiation called electromagnetic radiation and which is tied into science, each mobile phone keeps in touch with a tower called a base station . Overuse and/or overexposure in cell phone usage stems mostly because the ability to access the internet on the go. Teens have been the most voracious online users for years. One fourth of teens use their cell phones or smart phones as their primary way of accessing the internet. With smart phones allowing internet access along with talking and texting teens more than ever tend to be on the phone. The research was conducted off the internet studies on teenagers in America and how radiation from cell phones can affect your health.
Google chrome internet search provider to search up how cell phone radiation can affect you. Regularly speaking on your cell phone put you at risk of a brain tumor, leukemia, as well as severe headaches, memory loss, extreme fatigue and a catalogue of other complaints. It is believed that low-level exposure to the radio frequency (RF) waves emitted by cells when holding the phone close to the head or by local mobile phone masts may cause biological problems and may even seriously harm the brain.
We chose this…