Scientology Beliefs and Practices and Intergalactic Alien Ruler Essay

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75 million years there was an intergalactic alien ruler named Xenu. He was in charge of 76 planets, including Teegeeack aka Earth. Planets were over-populated, so he went and killed the loyal officers. Then with the help of evil psychiatrists, he called in people for “income tax inspections”. But he really injected them with a paralyzing mixture. The people were loaded onto space planes that looked like normal planes but could actually fly 300 light years in 9 weeks. The space planes flew to earth and the people we stacked at the base of the volcanoes. An h-bomb was detonated and all the thetans of the dead people were blown about the nuclear winds. He used electric beams to capture the thetans and put them in boxes. The thetans were shipped to a movie theater and forced to watching 3-d movies that implied ideas of Christianity, Judaism, and islam. The thetans left and then began to cluster into one entity. The thetans inhabited the remaining people on earth and Xenu was overthrown by the loyal officers, locked away in a mountain that was sealed by a force field. Religions are remnants of thoughts implanted by thetans, warping our perception of reality.

L Ron. Hubbard, 1950 Hubbard wrote Dianetics. It’s a hypnotherapy where body thetans are removed to regain our divine potentional aka auditing. The ‘preclear’ is audited by an ‘auditor.’ Scientology is born when Hubbard decides man is a spiritual being. 1954 the first church of scientology in LA. Actors, musicians, everyday people sign up.

Found mostly in Hollywood. 25,000 americans according to American Religious Identification Survery (ARIS)

1990: 45,000
2001: 55,000
2008: 25,000

1525 in canada, 1781 in England 741 in Australia recognized in us south aafrica Australia sween Netherlands new Zealand protugal spain

E METER: auditing

First Dynamic: self Survive as an individual
Second: creativity Family units and raising children,…