Sexting Essay

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Introduction The sexting trend is gaining popularity with both teens and adults. Haag and Cummings (2010), define sexting as “the sending of sexually explicit messages and/ or photos, primarily between mobile phones” (p.1). However, sexually explicit messages and photos can be sent through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and over various electronic devices, such as tablets. Although sexting between consenting adults is considered an acceptable activity, both adults and teenagers are using electronic devices and social media outlets to engage in inappropriate sexual activities (Matte, 2013). Since many teenagers are not legal adults, the legal issues of teen sexting must be considered. In addition, the …show more content…
Alcohol consumption among teens is another teen problem that exacerbates the teen sexting problem. Oftentimes, teenagers, especially young girls, are more likely to share a racy photograph or sext while under the influence of alcohol. After sobering up, the teen may regret sending the text. In some cases, the teen may not even remember sending the text. Unfortunately, by the time the teen realizes his or her mistake, the sext may already be made public (Matte, 2013).
Sexting and Ethics Adult sexting ethics are situational and subjective. Adult sexting between unmarried lovers is a serious ethical violation from a Christian standpoint. Conservative Christians believe unmarried couples should abstain from sexual activities until after marriage. Some liberal Christians would likely view premarital sexting activity as only a minor ethical violation. Nonbelievers, however, would not view sexting between unmarried lovers as a serious ethical violation (The Holy Bible). Married couples can ethically engage in sexting activities. However, some conservative Christians might think the explicit language commonly used in sexts is a minor ethical violation. Typically, the ethical implications of sexting decrease when the circumstances shift from premarital sexting to marital sexting. The exception to this statement is when married couples use sexting to engage in extramarital