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Paul Moskal
Ms. Koon
February 6, 2015 The Hidden Message This company has been an icon for almost every kids show and movie ever made. They still produces movies to this day. The Walt Disney Company has been around since 1923. It all started out with the movie called Plan Crazy which stared the character Mikey Mouse. From then on they have gone on to make movies such as The Lion King, Aladdin, Snow White, Cinderella, Bambi, and a total of 684 more. One might ask, “Well what could possibly be so wrong with a children’s movie”. The problem is the hidden sexual images and references in their movies. As a child you aren’t looking for these messages, but if you were to go back and watch some of these movies and pay close attention to the small details, one might notice the references. This topic interest me because I want to be able to see what I couldn’t see when I was younger. With a little help from others to point out the images, I am shocked to see what I missed. By trying to solve all the hidden images in these movie, it could help you notice other subliminal messages and images in other movies. If one was interested, they could easy search “sexual images in Disney movies” and a lot of sources would pop up with scholarly information and proof. There has been a claim of people hoaxing images by editing them and their background. An example would be a shadow of a women performing oral sex in Toy Story 3. One might argue the fact that many of them could be edited to entertain the people and the media. Although, Disney had admitted they had no previous knowledge to such images like the penis in the background in The Little Mermaid, proving that there are some unedited images. Cartoonist for Disney have left a lot of intentional inappropriate images in their films. An example would be from ‘The Wabbit Who Came to Supper’. In this image Roger Rabbit’s towel slips down revealing his “anatomy”. The cartoonist came out and admitted to intentionally doing that. Another example is from the ‘The Rescuer’s’. During one scene, if you were to notice the background there is a picture of a women topless. Disney claims they did not place that image there and that it was placed during the post-production process. Other images like the dust spelling out “SEX” in the “The Lion King”, and Jessica caught with her legs spread revealing herself in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. Disney has gone on to make edits from the originals when they would come out on DVD. In The Little Mermaid, the minister at her wedding seems to have an erection. Disney claims that it is his knee that protruding, but when they remade the movie on DVD, Disney edited the movie so that it wasn’t there. As the audience, how would you feel about these messages and images hidden in children movies? Would you want your five year old child watching a movie with sexual references in them? A lot of it comes down to your own morals and how you view situations like this one. In Aladdin, Disney makes a stereotypical reference about race. In the begging of the movie Aladdin is very poor, and has a darker complexion. Towards the end of the movie when he is wealthy, Aladdin’s complexion changes to white. Disney could be insinuating that ethnic people are more towards poverty and that whites tend to be wealthier. The movie came out in 1922, and during that time the U.S was going through a slight recession, so that could be a reason behind the stereotype that Disney hid. Disney has been making movies for a long time, meaning they have influenced a lot of generations. From seeing the evidence behind them hiding these images in our childhood movies, one might worry if they want their children watching them. Children are influenced very easily at a young age. We need to be looking towards the future, and start considering what type of media we allow children to watch. I’m not saying to not let your children watch Disney…