Essay about Snowboarding: Red Blood Cell and Adrenaline

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Did you know skiing, and snowboarding are good for you? It’s a fact it not only puts a smile on our face and gets our adrenaline pumping, but it also helps our health, and that’s why I am urging you to grab a board and shred! Snowboarding improves our health, happiness, overall attitude, and increases our red blood cell count, and makes us live longer.

When you snowboard it’s also good to challenge yourself so that you gain experience. Another reason to snowboard is the adrenaline. The adrenaline you get after a good run down the mountain is unbelievable, I would know because I am an avid snowboarder. The reason for the rush is from the amount of adrenaline released. The adrenaline activates beta receptors in your nervous system releasing dopamine which will then cause your heart rate to beat faster, increasing more air to the lungs. This stimulates the brain, and will give you a rush of good feelings when it’s all over!

Another good reason is the fresh air. Spending time in the great outdoors helps prevent diseases, and also helps you recover. There has been a study shown that people who live in polluted city’s have a twenty-six percent chance of dying younger than people who live in the cleanest. So take a break, and breath in that nice crisp, revitalizing mountain air. It’s also a mood changer every time I ride I get a nice shot of dopamine, and can’t think of a negative reason at all to not hit the slopes.

I have snowboarded for a good…