Sweet Dreams Motel in Far North Queensland Essay

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Marketing Case Study :
Sweet Dreams Motel in Far North Queensland


Mr Smith is the owner of Sweet Dreams Motel in Far North Queensland. He owns the property since four years ago and he is not happy with the occupancy in the motel which only 50% year round while the other property can reach to 68% occupancy rate.
Mr Smith believe his property have some strengths especially if we look at locations, large grounds, cheap rate, and room size. But he also aware of some weaknesses issue in the property such as: no television units in the bedroom, less attractive grounds, very little promoting activities and no restaurant services in the premises.
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A. Internal factors

Strengths (S) | Weaknesses (W) | Located in a high traffic resort town | Lack of features : no TV, no Internet/Wi-Fi | Near the beach and main attractions | Low tenancy rate | Close to good restaurants and takeaways | Empty and unappealing grounds | Very affordable price, only half from similar competitors | Fail to sell on the spot, because some people has drive in and have a look but then leave | Big rooms ( able to accommodate family) | No restaurant service in the premises | Large and open sites | The motel name is not attractive | Lot of rooms available | Lack of advertising and only local | Clean premises | No strong relationship between owner and local tourist committee | Breakfast service available | No strong relationship with local shops, restaurants and takeaways near the hotels | Good relationship with some loyal customers | Low rate could give an image of low quality | | |

B. External factor Opportunities (O) | Threads (T) | Improve the ground site to make it more interesting | Potential failure if occupancy not increased. | Establish the TV connection | Similar product in the market with better price, better premises. | Establish the internet connections | Downturn in economic that can affect to holiday expenditure | Add outdoor