Teaching Strategies Essay

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Learning styles are very important for teachers. We must understand that each student learns differently. Some students work best in small groups, while some learn best individually. Some are visual learners, while others may be verbal, musical, or kinesthetic learners. As teachers, we must recognize every student’s unique learning styles. Next, we must accommodate differences among students, by using various instructional methods so that every student can learn however they learn best.
InTASC Standard #1 will be very important to Early Childhood Educators. Young children are reaching very important developmental milestones at these young ages. Teachers must understand their students’ developmental stages, including emotional, physical, social, and cognitive stages. We must be able to recognize how children develop, and we can use that knowledge to provide appropriate learning opportunities to support their development.
I think that diversity is very important in schools, especially utilizing the “tossed salad” metaphor. When you have students as young as the preschool age, who are new to the country and don’t even necessarily know the language, I think it is important to keep them mixed with the classroom for most of the curriculum/activities. I have heard of many schools that will take them away from the class trying to teach them separately and “catch them up”, when in the long run they are falling behind the rest of the class. Also, having children of different cultures mixed together in a class and working together allows them to accept and value their cultural differences.
School funding can affect how classrooms are run in many ways. South Dakota, for example, has cut their educational funding by 6%. By cutting the funding for schools it creates more stress on the schools and teachers. That money has to be taken away from somewhere, and if it ends up being the supplies for classrooms, teachers’ salaries, food services, et cetera,…