Treatments After Bmt Essay

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According to the National Health Services (2012) bone marrow transplant (also known as stem cell transplant) is a complicated procedure that gives high dose chemotherapy (or radiation) to destroy abnormal stem cells and involves serious health risks.

Preparative regimen weakens the immune system of the patient, putting them at a greater risk of developing infection. Therefore, the patients must be given preventive medication and be screened for infectious organisms regularly.
Example of a standard drug treatment mentioned on National Marrow Donor Program (2013) include;
Pen VK 250 mg BID, Sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim, Magnesium three times a day, Prednisone once a day, Famotidine twice a day, Cyclosporine A (CSA) twice a day 10 a.m. and 10 p.m., Fluconazole once a day and Ganciclovir IV three times a week.

Steroid Therapy or immunosuppressants are used as a treatment for Graft versus host disease (GvHD). Which is a frequent side effects following the transplant; when the infection fighting graft cells recognise the recepient's body as foreign and attacks them. Early screening for GvHD will prevent many complications altogether.
In addition, the weight and height of the patient should be frequently evaluated in order to keep check for hypothyroidism.(St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, 2013)

Other measures such as good nutrition, restricted contact with general public and strict hygiene should be followed during their recuperation (The Johns Hopkins Hospital).