Unethical Business Practice of Walmart Essay

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Unethical Business Practice
Most people would agree that the objective of most businesses is to make money in an honorable manner, and to conduct business in an ethical way. Well, not all businesses operate in an honorable and ethical manner. According to Lovelenna Rajeev, author of Ethical and Unethical Business Practice, “Business ethics are moral values and principles, that determine our conduct in the business world. It refers to the commercial activities, either with other business houses or with a single customer”(Rajeev2009). While the objective of all businesses is to make profits, the business should contribute to the interest of the society by ensuring fair business practices. However, greed has led businesses to unethical
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As the largest retail company, Wal-Mart has a duty to treat all employees and suppliers with respect. However, this is not always the case. According the article ‘Earning Less, Holding Fewer Senior Positions’, in 2003, Dr. Richard Drogin, Professor at California State University-Hayward, conducted a study on wages for female employees at Wal-Mart and found that:
“Female hourly workers earn up to 37 percent less per hour than male counterparts; female full-time employees working at least 45 weeks earn on average nearly $5,000 less than male employees in yearly salary; women make up to 72 percent of wal-marts total workforce but only 33 percent of its managers; and women make up 92 percent of wal-marts cashiers, but only 14 percent of Wal-Mart store managers”(Drogin2004).
These statics show just how unfair and unethical Wal-Mart is when it comes to discriminating against women. Wal-Mart needs to pay men and women the same. A women is just as capable as a man when it comes to running an organization and therefore a women Wal-Mart employee should have the same privileges and pay as their male counterparts. In conclusion, Wal-Mart is a huge company known by many households around the world. The company has on many occasions been accused of unfair and unethical business practice. Bribery, dishonesty, unfair treatment of employees and discrimination against women is unethical and should not be practiced by any