Essay on Usual Generic Teaching

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Math and science have always been the subjects that kids people seen to dislike, they are dull, boring, repetitive, and massively cringe­worthy. If you do not understand what is going on you would most likely to be up, which is what most students seem to do. The problem with these subjects is not that we have a natural feeling to hate them, it is the way curriculums are taught and teachers aren't as energetic about teaching. Which is why there should be a massive reboot to how these subjects are taught, to get students excited in these fields again. There are many ways to create a spark in young pupils, everyone loves TV shows and movies. Being able to combine Hollywood with math and science can create an amazing combination. As Mayim Bialik explains "The confines of a classroom, combined with teaching methods that are not as engaging or inspiring, will not get today's students excited enough about STEM. We need content that is relevant stuff that is cool to let them experience what it is like to be a scientist using these tools" Liberating the outdated method of teaching and brining in a new reformed one that is able to inspire young thinkers will change minds and help ignite their passion to explore STEM subjects. Another method, which is aimed at youth following hip­hop culture is to try and take a more interdisciplinary approach. It is called "STEAM" which adds the elements of art and culture to generate interest. "To make STEM more fun and accessible, students must see themselves as inherently scientific, and their world's as naturally mathematical". Adding In a diverse element to the usual…