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What were Teddy Roosevelt's views about America's role in the world?

President Roosevelt wanted to increase America’s influence and make America a global power. He believed that the influence would propagate from American ideals and values, which would influence other countries. He also advocated that diplomatically, a President must be willing to used force when necessary. Roosevelt was also known for his aggressive stance on foreign policy. He wanted a world where the world would use diplomacy and negotiation in lieu of war to settle disputes between countries. Roosevelt wanted the United States to help protect those countries that were weaker from other countries that might see fit to exploit it. “Roosevelt looked forward to a transformed international order, or as he put it, a world founded upon essential human freedoms.” (Rhodes)
The role that America plays in international affairs today is too similar to Roosevelt’s vision or viewpoint on what America’s role in the world should have been back when he was president.
How did sea power fit into his vision?
“Early establishing his interest in Naval and military affairs by penning his highly applauded Naval history of the War of 1812 while still an undergrad, President Roosevelt went on to use the US Navy as an ambassador of America's resolve to join the worldwide commonwealth of nations as a major player.” (Redman) Roosevelt believed that a large Navy served as a deterrent to America’s enemies and built the…