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What is cardio? Cardio is a nickname for cardiovascular, a term used for the circulation system consisting of the heart and blood vessels in your body. In other word Cardio is put a simple yet very important way of getting healthy and losing some pounds to be able to look good. There are a couple of ways Cardio helps you for starters Cardio helps you lose weight; moving your body burns more calories than just sitting done and watching television. Think of it this way the more you move your body the more weight you lose. Cardio is so much better than lifting weights it burns more calories faster. If you really think about it most people when lifting weights one usually lifts weights for 45 seconds and then take a min break, if you exercising let’s say for a hour most of that hour is going to be spend on taking breaks which is a huge waste of time. Another way Cardio helps you is by giving you a healthy heart. Most people do not know that the heart is not only an organ but a muscle which need to be exercised. Otherwise it will get weaker and weaker. The heart is like a six cylinder engine; when the engine is brand new all you want to do is put out that big roar of power out in the road. But then let’s just say for the next 30 years you choose to only use two parts of the engine because let’s say you want to save fuel. You haven’t moved the other four in 30 years and one day you decide to crank that old motor up again, do you think the other four motors going to sound nice and strong? Of course not it is going to be old and rusty same thing happens to you heart’ once you stop exercising your hearts muscle for a long period of time, the next time you want to use those muscle their going to be weak because of lack of motion. Cardio is also good for releasing stress that everyone now a day’s some in excessive amounts. Tests show that an average person has a heartbeat of around 80 to 90 bpm however the moderately active runner has a heartbeat of…