Why Switzerland Makes Watches Essay

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Why Switzerland Makes Watches
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1) The country of Switzerland is well known for it’s production of high quality products such as watches, cheeses and chocolates, but this impression didn’t come easily, Swiss people earned it through keen productions and marketing, manufacturing and transportation techniques. Challenged by surrounding mountains that offer virtually no raw materials, the Swiss found a clever way to overcome the geographical limitations by importing small amounts of raw materials, add quality and value to them, and export a finished product that was much lighter than the original material. For example, high quality Swedish steel costs 40 cents per ounce, but after precise manufacturing of quality watchmaking, they are able to turn around and sell a product for up to $60 per ounce, that is a 15,000% turn around! Similarly, Swiss farmers lose money by exporting milk because the transportation cost is so high. Instead, they convert their cows milk into high value cheeses, which not only reduce transportation costs due to a decrease in size, it also adds product life and tremendously increases the value of the product. Then the Swiss import raw chocolate and use the remaining dairy for milk chocolate. Again, by doing so they are decreasing transportation costs, and creating a lighter, more efficient product that is able to sell for an increased price relative to the rest of the market due to it’s superior quality. Even in the winter, when snow leaves little to no farming, the Swiss are going above and beyond to take full advantage of the resources they are given. Swiss women will make lace to and embroidery, even the men take part of in-house crafting by carving wooden cuckoo clocks that sell for a high price. With such a hard working and innovative culture, it comes as no surprise that the Swiss have been able to grow maintain their economy year after year.
2) The dry climate and high elevation here in Utah create “The Greatest Snow on Earth”, as many ski and snowboarders will tell you. Almost every inch of this geographical gift called the Wasatch Front is owned by a ski…