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Ophelia faces the toad as her first obstacle of an imbalance of femininity and masculinity. The feminine aspects are the uterus shape of the tree along with the yellow and orange colours which reflect the colours of her mother’s womb. The music used is dark and suggests that the audience should feel fear. This is reinforced with the shot of her frightened face where she can see something terrifying that the audience cannot that adds onto this fear. The tinkle in the music represents her overcoming her first challenge and the key a reward that symbolises unlocking her true identity.

Her second obstacle was that of the pale man which represented the dominance of masculinity. A long shot is shown of him at the head of the dinner table, with a feast laid out in the foreground with the fireplace in the background. There are parallels to that of the pale man and of Captain Vidal, not only at his dinner party but his overall masculine dominance. It is her defiance of the Faun, another figure of aggressive masculinity as he is depicted in dark hues of blues and teeth are drawn in hostility, that she questions man’s authority over women.

Her sacrifice signifies the achievement of her self understanding as there is a balance between masculinity and femininity. The shift of colour where the crimson red of her blood and blues dissolve into the gold suggests a rebirth of her enlightened self. Her eyes are tilting upwards in awe and the reverse shot is of a low angle of the…