Essay on A New American Nation

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A New American Nation

By: Marko
A New American Nation

The United States transformed itself from agrarian economy to an industrial urban society between the years 1860-1920. The U.S experienced an increase of immigrants, westward settlement, and mechanical and technological innovations. These factors contributed to the social, economic and political recovery of the nation after the civil war. The immigrants came to America for a better life and freedom. The U.S had a lot to offer, lots of jobs, places to live, freedom, and a chance to be what you want to be.

The many faces of America were the Europeans, Asians, Spanish; many people from different countries came to America for mainly freedom. A lot was going on in Europe, Religious intolerance, rise in Nationalistic type of governments, no industrial capability, no good agricultural plans. The U.S. welcomed immigrants. They enriched our culture. The main reason for their coming was the search for a better life. These immigrants have made many lasting contributions to US culture and life. They came to the United States for a variety of reasons, most came to America to get away from the discrimination, fear, and economic problems. Coming to America was the best option for the people from Europe, Asia, etc.

The immigrants came to America during the years of 1860-1920. Immigrants started to arrive in the 1840s mainly from Ireland. Then in the late 19th century Europeans arrived. The immigrants would go on ships to America the voyage from the west coast of Europe across the Atlantic Ocean to Ellis Island usually took about 40 days. Sometimes however, it could take as long as six months. If you had first or second class tickets you would be on top of the ship. However, if you had a steerage class ticket, (the majority of immigrants were in this group), you would sleep and eat on the bottom…